Middle School Trip Essay

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Ever heard the saying, “Mothers know best?” Well I really wished I listened to my mom going on my middle school trip, instead I found myself miles away from home strapped on a gurney. Wondering how the best day of my life quickly became the worst day, and all I could think was, my mom is going to kill me. Entering 7th grade, the moment I’ve waited for so long is finally here. It was the school’s annual October trip to the Universal Studios Park in Orlando.This wasn’t any ordinary trip, this year the park had just opened The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I’ve seen every movie and read all the books, this was the perfect opportunity to go and explore the true magic of Harry Potter.Trust me when I say it wasn’t easy convincing my…show more content…
The very next day my best friend Stephanie and I handed our teacher the fee of $80 and signed our names to reserve our seats. RING! RING! I awoken to my alarm ringing throughout the house at five in the morning. I didn’t even care that it was so early in the morning, all I could think was today’s the day, the day I get to adventure The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and drink the ice frozen butterbeer. I climbed out of bed and washed up in the bathroom then put my clothes that I left out from the night before, then I made sure that I had everything I needed in my travel backpack including: phone charger, water,small towel and money. I next woke up my mother and told her “I’m ready to go.” The car ride going to my school was an one-sided conversation with my mother, it consisted of her telling my cousin and I the rules

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