Personal Narrative: My Hero's Journey

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Joseph Campbell was a person who studied mythology for years. He, with the help of some of his colleagues, he was able to make the hero’s journey. It states that everyone who goes on this journey must follow many stages so they can get to their reward when their journey was successful. My life’s journey as a student is like Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey because I had an adventure out of my ordinary world, I have met middle school student mentors, and I have earned a new experience and started a new life. After many times that Joseph Campbell’s life was a very well earned and being considered a hero, even though I am not a hero, I think that everyone should have a journey in life, but my life’s journey of being a student at a new school means that I will have a new life and experience new things in life. My journey in life as a new student means that I would see a new life as the hero’s journey because I left my ordinary world to experience new things, I have met middle school mentors, and I have earned a new life and a new experience in middle school.…show more content…
I was scared of what was going to happen to me when I got to 6th grade. I was nervous and was having nightmares over the summer. So, when the summer came, I had to think of how much pain middle school was going to be when school began. So, when school started, I was not ready to go to middle school. I have left my ordinary world from being safe, to a new mysterious world without me knowing what has happened and thinking it was dangerous. After the summer vacation was about to end, I felt the pain coming into me. Then, this made me think of what to do in the new path to life to prepare for the

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