An Analysis Of Katherine Paterson's Lyddie

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Sometimes it is hard to make a decision. The fictional novel Lyddie, by Katherine Paterson is about a girl named Lyddie. In the begging of the book she is forced to leave her home. After she leaves her home she goes to work at a hotel tipe place but she did not like the job. So, she went to go work at the mills, Lyddie then meets Diana Goss who is her best friend. They worked hard long hours until Diana Goss wanted to sign a petition for shorter working hours. But Lyddie did NOT want Diana to sign the petition because she needed to earn as much money as she could for a whole year so she could try to pay off the debt for her house. While some people think Lyddie shouldn’t sign the petition because because she needs to earn money to pay off the…show more content…
At this point in the book Lyddie just got back from her long day at work and she was very hungry. for example,” Nor did she notice the taste of the meat was bit off or the potatoes moldy.”(98) This quote explains that lyddie not only is so hungry she can’t taste the moldy or outdated food but the people that make the food are giveing them moldy food and half cooked food. Right now in the book Lyddie saw a girl slip down the stairs, A quote that explains this is,” A girl slipped on the icy staircase in the rush to dinner.”(100) This quote explains that a girl was so hungry she was running down the stairs and fell. This is a bad working condition because there stairs are not properly built. At this point in the book Lyddie was laying down with her sister and had noticed that her sister had gotten a horrible cough. A quote that explains this is,” She began to lie awake listing for the awful sound, until finally, she knew she must send the child away-anywhere, just so she was not breathing this poison air.”(139) this quote explains that Lyddies sister Rachel was getting sick with a cough and Lyddie now wants to send Rachel away somewhere different. Lyddie should sign the petition and leave so that she doesn't have to deal with these working…show more content…
At this point in the story Lyddie is has a cough from all the dust in the air and the lint that was also floating around in the air. The quote that explains this is the quote from page (112)” then she fell coughing. There was a red stain on her handkerchief.” Lyddies cough is so bad that she started coughing up blood. Then next in the story she asked for a transfer to the drawing room instead of working with the mechenies.” Her cough got no better, she asked for a transfer to the drawing room. The work of drawing warp threads from the beam through the harness and reeds had to be done painstakingly by hand.” (112) this explains that the job that she wanted to switch over to she still has horrible working conditions because she has no protection for her hands so they hurt a lot. At this point in the story Lyddie is laying down in bed just listening to herself breath and thinking to herself that she had to get out of there before her cough got out of hand and she had to go to the hospital. The quote that explains that Lyddie is hearing herself breath,” That wretched hacking sound that sawed threw her rib cage.” (139) this quote explains that Lyddie should sign the petition so she can leave and get out of there so she and her Sister Rachel don’t end up in the hospital. Lyddie should sign the petition so she can get out of the mills get her cough fixed and get her family back

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