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One of the most pivotal times of my Christian life was the summer when I was eleven years old. Being that young student going into middle-school, I thought I had it all figured out. Due to my fascination with aviation and astronomy, I had planned to be not only an astronaut, but the first man on Mars. My intended path to that goal included going to an excellent university and become an engineer, then joining the Air Force as a test pilot, eventually leading me to become an astronaut. Quite frankly, I was truly excited to one day pursue this dream, until I met a family with four boys at our church’s VBS. My fellow group of pre-teens and I all sat down in our church conference room and learned about what being a missionary was like in…show more content…
Being the planning-type personality, I began researching for what I would need to do in order to become a missionary. My family also got involved in our church’s Missions Committee, which allowed me to participate in our annual Missions Week and personally meet a number of other missionaries from around the world. This further fanned into flame my passion for desiring to help spread the Gospel to the unreached. However, I soon learned that going into the mission field required a lot of people to help get someone…show more content…
In between my sophomore and junior years of high school, my pastor began taking flight training with another church member who was an Air Force flight instructor. My pastor highly recommended that I also get my license with him, and after talking with my parents, began my flight training as a sixteen year old student. After about a year of incredible training out of a little grass strip in my instructor’s personal aircraft, I finally became a pilot. Now, there are several other aviation ratings I need to earn before I get to fly as a missionary pilot, but earning my wings was both an extraordinary gift from God and a great

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