How Joseph Campbell Relates To My Hero's Journey

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Every story is the same if you think about it, but it’s not a coincidence it’s a theory created by Joseph Campbell. Joseph Campbell studied all types of ancient mythology for years and noticed that heroes often travel the same path. A young hero is set to an adventure, he/ she meets an old bearded mentor, the hero meets the antagonist,then the hero fails in a fight, most of the time they get supernatural help, then the hero is ready and defeats the antagonist and gets a reward and is back in their ordinary world. some great examples are Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of the rings The hero’s journey relates to my life in multiple ways but the story that it relates to the most is when I went from elementary school to middle school.…show more content…
I felt like I was a bad student because my friends that I had at that time were not the same people that knew while we were younger they were bad people but now it is different. My life as a middle school student is like Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey because I faced many challenges, I went into a new world and I got rewards I went to Cumming Elementary School, and it was the day that we were graduating from the 5th grade where my story began. My mom, uncle, aunt, and sisters showed up that day. I was dressed up in an outfit that my grandmother picked out for me. my class lined up with the rest of the 5th graders and walked to the cafeteria. Almost 20 minutes later I heard my name I got a few certificates for joining a few after school clubs. then I shook my teacher’s hand and shook the principal’s hand too, as did everyone else. Then summer came and I traveled a lot that…show more content…
i only had a few true friends, but even made bad choices and were hanging around bad people. my mom took me to my godfather’s house we ate dinner while talking about school. I resisted to tell him the truth, but i did. He was the mentor in my life at that time he told me how to make better friends and stuff like that. Then around late November my parents called us up for a family meeting. my dad was moving out, but he said that he’ll come back soon, and it wasn’t until that summer when he came back. i felt like it was my fault for starting arguements’ my little sisters or forgetting do my chores. then my sister emily who was 7 at the time went away as well. she had biplolar and she needed the right medications to come back so she went to meridel, a mental hospital in Austin, Texas. i didn’t focus on my work thinking about them all the time my grades dropped i got in trouble at school and home and i really didn’t care about my future. my mom who was also like a mentor to me helped me a lot during the last semester. i got more organized, i got my grades up and when the CRCT came i did great. now i’m here at Chestatee and i feel a lot better, i have amazing teachers and friends i even have a great place to be with my

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