High School Basketball Narrative

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Looking back to my younger adolescent days, I see what a free-spirited, adventurer I was. As a straight “A” student and tri-sport athlete, I had a very busy schedule, but I took every opportunity for adventure I could. Being from small town Bellville, Ohio, there was not much for a group of young teenagers to do. We liked to push the envelope, trying to find something to experience the thrill of an adrenaline rush. But, as I quickly learned, not every adventure is harmless and goes well, without repercussions. It was mid-March, my eighth grade year basketball season was coming to an end and track would be starting soon. It was a run-of-the-mill Friday night, I had plans with a handful of my friends. This weekend we were staying with my friend…show more content…
As I finished my last piece, Sarah’s older brother, Mason, the high school baseball team catcher, came down the creaking steps descending between floors directly in the middle of the house, “Who’s ready for some fun!? Let’s go ding-dong-ditching.” He sounded like a five year old walking into a candy store, full of excitement. “I’m totally down! Let’s get ready!” I was exhilarated about the thrill of ringing someone’s doorbell in the middle of the night and sprinting…show more content…
Everyone was looking around, my friend Nate hadn’t made it back yet. So caught up in running for my life, I hadn’t even realized I had dropped a shoe. “Oh my gosh, Nate went back for my shoe!” All grins turned into solemn stares when we heard the sirens blaring from a police car. Everyone was frozen, then we spotted Nate sprinting down the sidewalk towards Sarah’s house. He ran towards us, then quickly slid under Sarah’s moms Dodge Durango. Still frozen, we watched the man who was chasing Nate ride by on his bike. We all came to our senses and unfroze in enough time to lay flat in the dew wet grass beside the pavilion as the cop car drove past. As soon as the coast was clear, we all hightailed up the hill to the house, we got Nate and dashed to safety inside the basement. Almost three hours had gone by, while we were “out on the town”. Now safe in the basement, we had started debating on a movie to watch. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door upstairs, and everyone was frozen once again. Sarah’s mom approached the stairs, “There is a gentleman at the door to see

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