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Sean Delawder May 2, 2016 Research Paper Throughout the history there have been many famous people who have lived in this country. Some of them were actors, politicians and even athletes. One of the aforementioned people was a gifted boxer named Muhammad Ali. Ali went through many hard trails in his life, but yet he has always seemed to overcome them. Muhammad Ali is one of the most controversial fighters within the arena. Since he was such an impact of fighting on the television, he became a person that has gained popularity and has become an impact on the world as a person and a fighter. He was able to due many of the things that he has accomplished in his life because of his determination, his dreams and goals, and his leadership.…show more content…
He would keep doing something so that he can get better at said thing. One example was when he was but a little kid. His bike had gotten stolen and Muhammad Ali had presumed that he should report the theft to the police. After doing this, one of the police officers had seen him practice box with a friend. The police officer had seen that Muhammad Ali had potential to become a great fighter. The officer then decided to teach Muhammad Ali how to box. Muhammad Ali had become engrossed by the lessons that the officer was teaching him. He became so focused that Muhammad’s schoolwork would suffer. He would even sometimes skip school so that he can get in some extra boxing practice. At around the age of twelve, Muhammad Ali starred on a local television show called “Tomorrow's Champions.” He would begin to gain popularity in his town because he had starred on the show. Muhammad Ali would continue to practice until the age of eighteen. At the age of eighteen, he would enter the olympics and would even win the gold medal in boxing at the age of eighteen. After winning the gold medal, he would continue on fighting so that he can win the heavyweight title. He fought for the title and he won the title. He was actually the youngest person to ever win the heavyweight title. Not only did he win the title, he continued to hold the heavyweight champion…show more content…
What people do not see, is the religious man that he became after retiring from boxing. After boxing, he converted to Islam. He found out that Islam was not a violent religion and he said “I am just hoping that people understand that Islam is peace and not violence.” He also stated that he believed in the religion of Islam, in Allah, and in that Islam is peace. When he converted people were shocked because they thought that Islam is a bad religion because of some of the extremists that follow that religion. He said that he wanted to use his fame to help inspire people around the world and converting to Islam can help other Islamic people step out from the shadows to help show that not everyone in Islam wants to kill non-Islamic

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