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Being a world renowned boxer takes a lot of skill and heart. Floyd Patterson was a great boxer who came from New York and grew up in Brooklyn. He was an underdog in many ways because he was small for fighting in the heavyweight division. He developed a slightly new style of boxing where he hid his face behind his gloves and would peek around and take shots at his opponents. This helped him become as successful as he was, which lead to him winning the Olympic gold medal in 1952. He also became the youngest man to ever become the heavyweight world champion at just 21 years old. He also was the first man to ever reclaim the title after losing it for a period of time. It can be said that Floyd Patterson was the most renowned youngest boxer of his generation. Floyd Patterson was born January 4th, 1935 in Waco North Carolina. His parents Thomas and Annabelle Patterson were poor, and Floyd was the third of eleven children. He grew up in poverty and had a hard time in school. He wasn’t able to read or write when he was eleven and was sent to a reform school named Wiltwyck School for Boys in upstate New York (Floyd Patterson Biography). Wiltwyck is where he began to learn how to box and thus began his famous career. When he returned home to New York, New York, he began to train at a famous gym called Gramercy Gym in Manhattan (Floyd Patterson…show more content…
According to Hubpages, Sugar Ray Robinson was the best boxer of the 1950’s and he could beat any one he faced (Lesliebyars). Robinson fought for much longer than Patterson and had a bigger record at the end of his career with 173 total wins (Lesliebyars). He won five titles in the middleweight division and had heart that no one denied. Robinson had boxed in over 200 fights and won 109 by knockout (Sugar Ray Robinson). His stature in the boxing world will always be remembered for how long and well he

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