Mookies Milk Corporation: A Summary

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Message from CEO The Mookies Milk Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of dairy products in the world. Our business began in 1965 as a local dairy farming in New Zealand and growing to become an international dairy products manufacturer as time passes. Performance of the organisation Our organisation always takes the employees’ welfare as the priority in running our business. We believe that take good care of employees’ welfare will improve their productivities. Aware of this, the performance of our organisation has a stable rapid growth and we are appreciated the efforts made by every members in our organisation. Trusted Brand It is our honor to get the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Award 2013 in the dairy industry category. At…show more content…
Team leader should strengthen the bonds among the team members. After making the team’s goal, the team leader encouraged the team members to be understanding towards one another. Performing During this stage, team is concentrating to accomplish the tasks in order to achieve the team’s goal. (Daft, 2012) Team members will be more rational in figuring out solutions for difficulties while team leader will be more focus on the performance of tasks. As the team members interact well after went through the conflicts, the progress in achieving the team’s mission is getting closer to the target. Team members putted efforts and passions into their given tasks. Adjourning During this stage, team is going to be disbanding. Throughout the event, the team members are getting closer with each other and they may feel regretful in wasting time for the arguments. At this moment, the team leader planned a ceremony to appraisal and rewards…show more content…
• The working hour is from 9am until 5pm and one hour break for lunch during weekdays • With a safety workplace condition and comfortable environment • Assist the Director of Sales and Marketing • Managing a team of 30 administrative staff and supervise the subordinators • Deal with the retailers • Able to work outstation and travel freely • Able to collect, analyse, summarise and process daily sales order and all types of documentation work • Develop and implement marketing mix variables which are product, price, place and promotion • Determine competitive advantages by identifying the ability in producing goods and services better than competitors • Identify the consumer needs and wants and able to satisfy them Person Specification The requirements are as below. • Must be between the ages of 21 to 35 • The minimum qualification of education level at least degree graduate • Working experience must be at least 3 years • Creative and innovation • Have a good personality, responsibility, independent, friendly, confident, well interaction with

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