Superhero Short Story

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Superhero - “I think I’m going to dead.” These words were flashed through Beckham’s mind. He can’t feel his hands, legs, and his whole body, but he barely heard the sound of gunshots. His mind started to recall many things that happened to past few months. The day was so peaceful until he got this strange power… - Beckham was an ordinary office worker who was busy working every day. The things happened from day to day was so bored, even he became fed up with his unchanging life. Sometimes, He felt tired to live. But his consciousness made him keep on moving and stay strong. - One day, as usual, he was driving back from work. It was a rainy day. While on the halfway, his car suddenly broken-down so he stopped below a tree nearby. While he went…show more content…
When they are dating, sometimes Beckham will have some unusual move. For instance, he likes to let her guess what the next action or behavior will be for the people. Every time he can guess someone’s next action, which made her feel magical and with doubt. - One day, finally Alicia found out his secrets which he had always been hiding. He told her having the gift of reading people mind was not actually a gift but a suffered. - The secret was then known by the antagonists – a notorious group called “Angel”. - Angel knew that the gift of Beckham was such a treasure for them. If they possessed the power, they would become invincible and never took down by the law enforcement. - In order to fulfil their iniquitous desire, they threatened him to be part of their member by seizing Alicia as the hostage. - Beckham was forced to commit atrocious crimes. Every day, his sanity was being challenged. His grievance, despair, and frustration were nowhere to be vented but only tortured him. - After 1 years, “Powerant”, a kind of chemical which able to give the human a unique ability, was made by a group of scientist. - Evil intended to steal it. Alicia and Beckham knew this could be the end of human if Evil had stolen it. It would bring catastrophes to the
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