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I’m doing a biography on Muhammad Ali the greatest boxer in history. He is a major inspiration from children to adults. Growing up in his time was a lot of racism going on. I remember my grandfather was telling me when I was just a child that he was unbeatable. When I had seen clips of Muhammad Ali boxing he used to play around with his opponents where he go to the ropes and just let them hit him. He took boxing to another level with his footwork and style. In his early life he was born on January 17th 1942 and was raised in Louisville, Kentucky. His father painted billboards and signs as his job. His mother was a household domestic. Living in their home was Muhammad Ali and his four other brothers and his one sister. How boxing started for him was when someone stole his bike. He told the officer he was going to fight him. The officer said “you better learn how to box first.” For the last four years he trained with boxing cutman with Chuck Bodak.…show more content…
He was part of a television show called Tomorrow’s Champions. His first ever debut was against Ronnie O’Keefe. It was a three minute, three round fight. Muhamad came on top with a split decision win. Boxing kept him out of trouble and he had never done drugs. Training six days a week he got better each day working real hard. Many people respected Muhammad Ali in and out the ring when he was only a teen. It’s a fact that he was a hard worker because when he got knocked unconscious by Willy Moran he went back the next day and trained with him again. A kid named Kent Green beat Ali at the National Golden Glove Tournament in Chicago. After that fight he improved every single year. He won six Kentucky National Golden Gloves two National Golden Gloves and an Amateur Athletic Union National

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