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The relationship started and ended more quickly than it should have. Muhammad Ali’s marriage to Sonji Roi was the first of four marriages. At this point in time Ali was slowly becoming the person he wanted to be by expanding his understanding of and faith in his religion .He was aiming to become and stay the “King of the World”. With his actions he became a cocky and arrogant symbol of boxing who not only changed the course of history but also sadly, blindly followed a religious group that was not only heretic, but also fraudulent, Ali also ruined a relationship with Sonji and fell into a path of adultery which revealed his true lascivious nature. By blindly following the Black Muslims orders exactly ,rushing into a relationship, forcing his wife to follow the strict rules of a religion she didn't believe in and a mix of inexperience and naivete, Muhammad Ali led to the demise of a very serious first marriage and caused ripples that affected all of his future relationships and marriages. Muhammad Ali wasn't just a new heavyweight champion or openly a member of the nation Islam , Ali was a rising sex symbol. On page 230 in the book it says “Ali was, at first, a very cautious sex symbol. Before…show more content…
Meanwhile Sonji had a plethora of world experience and knew how to make in life. This created a power imbalance in their relationship which Ali made up, for in his way , through his religion. In order to be a faithful and loving wife Sonji converted to islam , although she actually believe in it she wished to be a devout and loving wife. She followed all but one important rule, the dress code. Because Ali had yet to see the shady underbelly of the Black Muslims he followed them blindly. He rebuked Sonji’s style of dress continuously leading to many disputes and their eventual divorce . During the divorce Sonji talks of her faithfulness on page

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