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Not only was Daniel Mendoza an amazing boxer, he was a person that held unique characteristics that are rare to find in todays’ society. As a man, his astounding characteristics made him a memorable boxer, and also an important historical figure. Daniel was born with a stigma that did not settle well with him. Although many Jews during his time period accepted this stigma, he was able to publicly remove that stigma with courage. Daniel did not fight just to inflict pain, he fought to protect the identity of Jews and for respect and honor. Daniel used the opportunity he was given to its fullest extent by becoming a marvelous boxer during his time. Turning down a fight, was not on Daniels agenda. Throughout all of the chaos in Britain with the…show more content…
His boxing skills brought society together as a whole. Before he knew it, those who once looked down upon him and his people were coming to watch him fight. In fact, the British were known to bet their money on Mendoza because he was undefeated for the majority of his boxing career. He transformed from some low level minority into a highly respectable person, gaining the king’s attention, including princess royal. Mendoza changed the English society’s views on Jews, which was a tremendous success. The large income he made from boxing made him feel less of a minority. He began buying expensive gifts for his wife and kids. I think this had a negative effect on him and eventually became his greatest downfall. After a while he ran out of money. His trips from town to town had turned into walks from town to town. That person, who everyone had once loved, had become forgotten in many eyes. The format and quality of this book has a great effect on its work of history. Many history books are designed without pictures so the book helps readers visualize certain events. The graphic images emphasize the text’s meaning so readers can get a better understanding. Readers are able to compare and contrast the image with the past and what they met represent in the story. We now have an idea of what Mendoza looked like, which makes the story more

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