Essay About Strengths And Weaknesses

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What is one weakness you have? I don’t like working with other people but I will do it and be a very helpful member and will be very nice to the other members too. What is one thing you do well? One thing I do well is I can do math pretty fast. I do check over the math after I do it though to make sure there are no mistakes. Why Are You Looking for a Job? - Of course, I want to make money but I have been trying to save up money so I will be able to get gas and insurance for my car and then hopefully pay it off in a few years. I also am trying to save up money so I can pay for my own lunches at school instead of my parents paying for them for me. Why Are You Interested in Working for Our Company? - When I was younger my mom was an accountant and she would take me to work with her and I would help…show more content…
- I do expect minimum wage but as I move up in my job I hope my salary will too. But I do not expect that to happen right away I know I will need to work for it. Tell Me About a Major Problem you Recently Handled. - A problem I recently handled was depression I had been dealing with it for a few years then I finally decided to tell my mom and to go to the doctor to get help, because I knew it was a big problem and it was starting to affect my life and mess things up. But now I’m taking medication and trying to get over it so I can get on with my life. The medicine does not affect me at all so there is no way my medication will affect my work either. Have You Ever Had Difficulty With a Supervisor or Teacher? - I haven’t really had any problems with a supervisor or a teacher, except for when a teacher wasn’t teaching us correctly and kept messing up so I got frustrated and told her to just stop because we weren’t learning from her anyway. I didn’t get in trouble because she understood my frustration and just told me to take a minute. I knew that wasn’t how I should have handled it and I know that know and will not do that

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