Modern Day Slavery: Human Trafficking In The United States

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According to FBI statistics, Atlanta claims the title of one of the top 14 cities in the United State for human trafficking (Belt). Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery, in which human beings are controlled and exploited for profit. Although human trafficking violates international and national laws, this criminal industry continues to rapidly grows. As the 59th mayor of the city of Atlanta, you possess the political power and credibility to promote human trafficking awareness, enforce laws against illegal trafficking businesses, and sponsor fundraisers to support victims of human trafficking. Your influence could transform the lives of these victims by providing the necessities of the recovery process, as well as protect the…show more content…
You ensured a plan for safety by reopening all of the city’s recreation centers as safe havens for young people and improved fire-rescue response time. You hired more than 900 police officers and created the largest police force in the city’s history. In short, you know how to successfully enforce justice against Atlanta’s human trafficking businesses. It seems you care a great deal for the safety of your citizens. However it is now time to step up in order to protect Atlanta’s youth by enforcing strict laws on human trafficking. Mayor, Atlanta requires your leadership in abolishing human trafficking by utilizing your largest police force to identity traffickers, seek them out, and shut down their human trafficking exchanges. After exterminating illegal trafficking industries, you must acquire the money to reimburse your police force and promote even more awareness for human…show more content…
For example, you created a fundraising program contributing more than ten million dollars to the school’s endowment since its inception. If you possess the ability to create a fundraiser which raised ten million dollars for a local’s school’s endowment, you can construct fundraisers to end human trafficking. Not only will the money reinstate supplier for your enforcement, but you could donate to organizations such as Out of Darkness, which provide a refuge for human trafficking victims by providing them with shelter, food, water, and love. After promoting awareness and enforcement for human trafficking, fundraisers will reinstate the cycle of promoting more awareness and equip police officers with the bullet proof vests, guns, and ammunition required for enforcing the laws. Not only will this end human trafficking in Atlanta, but it will heal and restore the lives of previous

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