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I love photography, and will often use it as an escape from my stress. Recently I went out with my cat Nicey and followed her around, snapping different angles of her. This one happens to be one of my favorites. Being her owner, I am used to the imperfection on her left eye. But others tend to give an odd look and ask what happened. I see it as a part of who she is, but those who don't know her miss the significance that it shows. When we bought Nicey as a kitten, this spot had nearly covered her whole eye and made the doctors wonder if she could actually see well. She was also very sick, the product of a poor breeder. We took may trips to the vet and had to spend more money than we had anticipated. In the end we had to switch her food and give her various medications. For those who don't understand why someone would spend that much time and money on a pet, you have to realize that when you commit to bringing home an animal (especially as baby), it soon becomes like the new member of the family. When something is wrong, you'll do anything to make it right for your cat, dog, bunny, ect. Months went by until her health was brought back to normal, but her…show more content…
Because I realized that I hadn't noticed her eye for a long time, because I know it's part of her story and personality. It's much like when people begin to notice blemished in their appearance. A confident person can live sure of themselves, but then a comment is made or a joke is told. After a while it takes root in the person's mind and heart. I can personally testify that the slightest joke or statement, even in jest, can leave a deep wound in someone's confidence. In reality, it isn't that much of a disaster. We are all made to live our separate lives in our own bodies, and there is supposed to be diversity and "flaws" in each of us. It makes us who we are. Why can't we accept others appearances, religions, and ways of life? They aren't hurting us, so why do we choose to hurt

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