Personal Narrative: A Faded Dance Team

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I have never attended a dance class. I am not as flexible as the other girls. I am not as attractive as they are. These are all excuses that I have made in the past as to why I never made the varsity dance team at my high school. In my mind I was always at the bottom of the ‘food chain’ so to speak. The runt of the litter, if you will. At every practice and game, pretty much any dance functions, the breathtakingly talented girls on the varsity team were on stage and I couldn’t look away. I wanted to be them. I needed to be one of them. My freshman year of high school with my very first football season on the JV dance team, I was a nervous wreck. Even though I was on the dance team at my middle school, this was a shiny, new playing field. The coaches put me in the back of formations. All of the new team members,…show more content…
I made the varsity Tiger Paws dance team. Finally, I thought, I could be like those other dancers that I have admired for so long. I was one of ‘them’ and I am not ashamed to admit that I cried like a baby when I found out the news. I could be considered a pro now. All these new possibilities opened up to me and I could not be more excited to jump at each and every one of them. I am able to dance in London for the New Year’s Day parade. This is all thanks to my newfound drive to never settle; I will work harder every day to allow myself the top opportunities. I did not want to settle for junior varsity when I knew that I could be better. Here I am, my senior year of high school and last season on the dance team, pushing myself to be a talented dancer despite my limitations. Ultimately, I have applied the same mentality to my education and studies. This has been extremely effective considering I have been on high honor roll for 3 years so far, was inducted into the National Honors Society and Mu Alpha Theta as well as scored high on my AP tests, the ACT, and the

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