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Jacobi Luken The Polaris Project The world is a place that contains lots of bad things, but one of the worst is human trafficking. The Polaris Project is a non profit organization that’s main focus is to end human trafficking. It is one of the worlds best organization in terms of being open to the public when they need help. Human trafficking is a serious deal, and the Polaris Project is here to make a big difference. If the world didn’t have organizations like this, we’d live in a world with even more turmoil and hate. Millions of people worldwide are human trafficked every year. The Polaris Project is a powerful organization and it helps human trafficking victims to safety, even if it has a negative…show more content…
Katherine Chon and Derek Elderman founded the Polaris Project. When the two started the project, they were only college students. Although they were young when they started the organization, they made a huge difference and still are today.The Polaris Project was started as a organization for America, but now it’s a worldwide organization.This is proof of how much difference the organization has already made across the whole entire world. If it wasn’t for the Polaris Project, many people would still be suffering from human trafficking, or could be dead. This organization has without a doubt saved many lives, and will save many more. “The Polaris Project has over 770 hotlines worldwide that are always accessible to the public”( Worldwide Hotlines). It’s important to have hotlines because it gives many people a chance not only for help, but for hope. It’s also very important to be accessible at all times because human trafficking is going on 24/7 across the world. In conclusion, the Polaris Project is beginning to put an end to the curse that we call human trafficking to human trafficking, not only in the united states, but across the entire…show more content…
The polaris project is non profit, and all donations and funds go to helping trafficking victims.In conclusion, the Polaris Project is doing lots of things to put human trafficking to an

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