Persuasive Essay On Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is an illegal form of slavery that is currently growing at a rapid rate, one that robs the freedom from millions of innocent victims from around the world. This has affected almost all countries worldwide(Cho 2). Governments try to do their best to prevent or at least lower the percentage rate of human trafficking(Christofferson 1). Young people will be forced against their will to enter such a horrible act and drained from any happiness or hope to escape or be rescued. Many people today are not aware of what exactly human trafficking is. Generally, there are a few main points, which are, acts, means, and purpose. Human trafficking is “a minimum of exploitation of prostitution or other sexual forced acts, forced labor…show more content…
Today, trafficking is a great concern for both government and media organizations.”In 2000, the United States passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA), acknowledging that modern-day slavery exists both globally and within the United States(Christofferson 1). Until 1999 the words “human trafficking” barely appeared in migration policy debates(Laczko 3). The original policies and legislation for combating human trafficking focused on preventing the sexual exploitation of white women( Haroldsen 2). Many fictionalized accounts of human trafficking have been used by governments to attest truthful experiences (Haroldsen 4). In the past two decades, human trafficking has become a popular story for both news and entertainment media( Haroldsen 11). The news media tend to focus on episodes of human trafficking in a way that emphasizes official reports as opposed to the actual stories of human trafficking survivors( Harolden 14). In today's media-filled generation, it is very easy and quick to lure teenagers into human trafficking. Traffickers are everywhere just looking for victims on Facebook, twitter, and other popular social apps, ready to trick someone new. This has also become one of the top reasons why it is only getting harder to make human trafficking come to an

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