Rational Choice Theory Of Human Trafficking

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Introduction Human trafficking has become a widespread problem that touches every continent. Today many people consider human trafficking to be a form of modern-day slavery. The United Nations defines it as the recruitment, transport, allocation, concealment, or delivery of a person by indecorous methods (such as force, capture, deception, or intimidation) for an inappropriate reason such as forced labor or sexual exploitation (2004). Different types of trafficking, include forced labor, debt bondage, children soldiers, forced child labor, involuntary domestic servitude, and sex trafficking/prostitution. This paper will focus specifically on the issues of sex trafficking. A numerous number of individuals from all over the world are trafficked…show more content…
This theory states that individuals commonly act in their self-interest and chose to break the law after evaluating the latent risks against the rewards. Also, the rational choice theory of human trafficking states that criminals are rational individuals who make choices to break the law based on the costs and benefits involved in the process of crime perpetration (Majeed and Malik, 2017). Leary stated that Slave dealers are rational individuals (2015). As such, several will persist in the occupation since they have no alternative means of producing as much revenue for as little risk (as stated in Leary,2015). According to Mandisa and Lanier offenders also must weigh other choices before deciding to commit the crime (2012). Traffickers often commit the crime because they know that the rewards outweigh the risk. As stated earlier traffickers can make billions of dollars from selling other individuals without a high risk of getting caught. In addition, they know victims will not run away since they are in a new country and they do not have the means to survive on their own. All these factors help the trafficker rationalize about committing the crime. A branch of theory from rational choice is the routine activities…show more content…
As stated above routine activities theory is a branch of rational choice theory. Simply put routine activities theory is when there a lack of a capable guardian, a motivated offender, and a victim. When these three factors are present an offender will choose to offend. With trafficking, all three factors are almost always present. Traffickers target individuals who are looking to come overseas to better themselves (Parrot et al, 2006). Since these victims want to go overseas and are in the hands of the capturer before they even reach their situation there is almost never a capable guardian. Even when there is a guardian they may allow the trafficker to take the individual anyway for a portion of the profit (Parrot et al, 2006). It has been recorded that individuals from overseas would sell their own children to traffickers for a profit (Parrot et al, 2006). In addition, some women from overseas willing enter this situation when they are disowned by their families (Wennerholm, 2002). Due to the access of victims and the lack of a capable guardian many offenders are willing to take a

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