Personal Narrative: My Basketball Tournament

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It was just dusk and I had woke up because something was on my mind. The second day of my basketball tournament was on my mind. I only got about five hours of sleep because I millions of butterflies in my stomach. We had to be at the tournament and warming up by seven in the morning. We were the third seed with Lin mar black and Xavier Xtreme. On the way to there, my superstition is listen to my pump up playlist and eat a banana and a cliff bar. I always show up early because I take longer to warm up than most people. When my team showed up I was just finishing my own daily routine when the other team walks in too. When my team was ready to face the enemy we always have like a starting squad huddle and get pumped. This huddle was more than…show more content…
We felt down so our coach called a time out and gave us a good speech. Once his speech was finished and we were to pumped we had a run. I had seven points in one minute with one three and an and1 we started getting in their heads and kept going at them. It was like the movie Rocky II; we kept hitting them and they couldn’t do anything about it. It was like this until I got three fouls in about three minutes and I had to play safe. Once Xtreme knew I was in jeopardy Jackson tried to make me foul him so I couldn’t play. Then I somehow got called for pushing Jackson when I wasn’t guarding him so my coach threw a huge fit and he got a technical. Alex (my coach and my favorite coach) took me out because he wanted to save me for later in the game. By the time I was off the court, it was halftime. When I sat down, I realized I had the most points with fifteen points, four rebounds, three blocks, and one steal. During halftime, we talked about our next game plan and how to stop Jackson. So we put our next big guy on Jackson, which would be Nathan. For the next quarter, Nathan was doing some lockdown defense on Jackson and yet Xtreme was up 45-40. So Alex called another timeout and wanted to come up with a better game plan. He came up with having me going back in once we have the game tied so we can stay either tied or go…show more content…
Our game plan was to double team Jackson so he doesn’t have a chance to score. With it being fourth quarter with five minutes left, we were down by three points. My feelings were like a rubber band being stretched; going tenser at the next play. Seconds felt like decades. With thirty seconds left, the other team called a timeout because we just tied the game. Our coach had the most motivational speech. I don’t even remember it, but all I know is that it was like some Martin Luther King Jr. speech. When our timeout was up, it was time to see who wants the win more. It was our ball and our plan was to wait to the last second and score. That plan was very common through high school all the way up to college but its very effective. I pass the ball in like always to Jaylyn, but Xtreme had a full man on man court so it was hard for me to pass it in but I got in good. We had Nathan set screens on Jaylyns defender so he can pass half court before ten seconds. When we passed, we had about twenty seconds left and we just had to “play hot potato” till five seconds to run our secret play. Our secret play was having Jaylyn run to the hoop with a screen then pass it to me for the three point shot. Once Alex screamed now Jaylyn instantly ran off the screen while every defender collapsed onto him so I had the open shot. It felt like he was going to get it stolen but somehow the ball came to me

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