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The life of a game warden is not just about enforcing hunting and fishing laws. A game wardens time in the field is spent protecting both wildlife and also people. Game wardens are law enforcement officers who are employed either by the state Fish and Wildlife Service or the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Their daily task is to enforce fish and wildlife laws while protecting natural resources. State game wardens are assigned to a specific county and will respond to all fish and wildlife issues. With my experience and love for the outdoors it has become my dream to enforce wildlife and boating laws and protect our natural resources. After further research of this career, the daily tasks, education needed, salary, benefits and personal fulfillment…show more content…
After graduating high school I hope to attend Purdue University and major in wildlife management. In addition to wildlife management I will also take a criminal justice course. Another alternative to attending a 4 year college is to work in law enforcement prior to applying for a game warden. After college I will attend 15 weeks at the state police academy. In the United States there are 5,290 game wardens currently employed. In the next decade the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the employment rate of game wardens to increase five percent. This job is needed all across the United States in rural areas because game wardens are able to access areas that city police cannot. There are available jobs all over the state of Washington as new game wardens are always needed. The beginning salary of a game warden is $27,090 according to Criminal Justice Schools The national average for game wardens is $55,670. Lastly at the top of this field the salary can reach $69,410. Also, as a government employee there are many health benefits that can be used after

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