Amir And Hassan Character Analysis

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Amir and Hassan did not have a friendship; a friendship requires mutually affection and respect from the people involved. Nonetheless, Amir and Hassan did have a relationship that was unique, complicated and multi-faceted. However, the relationship they did have never truly became a friendship because it was tainted by Amir's jealousy towards Hassan which was justified by social issues. On the surface they resemble two young boys who grew up together and were the best of friends. However as we get further into their story we start to see the complexity of their relationship. Even though an outsiders such as myself looking in can agree that Amir and Hassan had no friendship. I would like to point out that the way each boy related to each other could easily imply something else. Hassan obviously had nothing but love for Amir. He loved him unconditionally and fiercely, much like a brother. He was extremely loyal to Amir. While Amir was fickle in his treatment of Hassan; sometimes he treated Hassan as his friend, but then regularly abused Hassan, holding over him his “superior” social class, education, and position as Baba's son because after all, Hassan was just a servant and a Hazara.…show more content…
Beside their ethnic and socioeconomic differences, Amir hated Hassan's good nature and how baba treated him. Amir thought baba showed more affection to Hassan than him. He also realized that he could never possess Hassan’s loyalty and courage. He resented Hassan because Baba saw the good in Hassan and could relate to him. Baba always included Hassan in their lives and treated Hassan as one of his own. Because of this Amir constantly tested Hassan’s loyalty because that was the only way he felt he had power over Hassan. To justify is action he would always acknowledge his superiority over Hassan. At the beginning of the book Amir talks about growing up with Hassan, he

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