How Is Jay Gatsby A Romantic Hero

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Jay Gatsby is dedicated to a dream, and of his own potential, and the need of self-improvement. Gatsby articulates the “romantic and demonic energies that keep the American dream alive." Gatsby is an epitomized version of Fitzgerald himself and the first romance he ever had. Gatsby has “the everlasting motivation and integrity” to gain Daisy back and start a new life together. Jay Gatsby is a romantic hero but “He is not a traditional hero, but he is the central figure in a tale of compromised and murky morals and he stands out a someone with a pure, shining dream that is unsullied to the end,” because he sacrificed his own life for the woman of his dreams, the woman he loved. Gatsby’s life, after meeting Daisy was planned out already since…show more content…
Instead of living in reality, He created a world and he was the center of it along with the constant issue with battling his inner conscience. “`Can’t repeat the past?’’ he cried incredulously. `Why of course you can!” Gatsby created an unreality of a reality and created “an outlet for imagination,” knowing to be the only way he could survive his pretentious life. “Gatsby’s enormous power is based on his imagination, which is the essential element that builds up his dream world.” He hoped to recapture what him and Daisy had before he left for the war five years prior. He bought his house “so that Daisy would be across the bay. (…) He has waited five years and bought a mansion where he dispensed starlight to casual moths.” He held parties hoping that Daisy would show up at his front porch step. Gatsby once asked Nick if he could throw a tea party so he could finally meet and speak with Daisy again. He found himself at a loss for words and was “paralyzed through his entire body”, from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. He could feel his heart beating, along with his hands uncontrollably shaking. Gatsby’s goal was to make enough money to get Daisy back. “While sailing with his mentor Dan Cody, Gatsby learned to speak and act like a well-educated gentleman. This allowed him to keep a reputation as a member of high

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