Mexican Revolution Vs Russian Revolution Research Paper

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In the later part of the 20th century there were many revolution, today I will be discussing the similarities and differences between the Russian and the Mexican Revolution. Both of these revolutions had the goal of changing the government and to lessen the gap between the rich and the poor. Both of these governments were corrupt and the people wanted change. Though they are on opposite sides of the globe they were very similar. In both Mexico and Russia the rulers were dictators, and not nice ones to the fact. In Russia you had an autocratic ruler by the name of Nicholas the Second. The Mexicans were for 30 years by Porfrio Diaz. In Mexico the ruler wasn’t liked very much because he focused on the higher classes and the poor had little to no rights. The working and living conditions were horrible. There was also a huge gap between the rich and the poor as well as the Mexican economy were in the toilet. Diaz’s policies not only made the poor lose their money but their land as well. Diaz took the property from the poor and gave it to the rich like we did to the Native Americans.…show more content…
No rights, poor living/working conditions, and there was a lack of food among the poor. Overall the main reasons for these revolutions were caused by rulers not caring about their people and the economy. The people did not like Russia’s involvement in World War One, and neither did the Germans. Germany did not like fighting a two front war so they snuck in Vladimir Lenin, a Russian Revolutionary who was exiled, back into Russia to cause some chaos and get Russia out of the war. This ultimately worked, but Germany still lost the war. This revolution was only possible thanks to Frans

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