America's Love-Hate Relationship With War

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America hatred towards war is a paradox, because it seems every chance it gets to be involved in another war, it does. James Madison wrote in 1795, “War is, perhaps the most to be dreaded” (Tierney). Comments like these are common place in American history and also war prevalent in our history. For many Americans “we are at war” mentality defines a generation, with many young adults having lived their entire lives while the country has been “at war.” For them, war has become as common as smartphones (Danios). Millet and Maslowski wrote “Understanding both this paradoxical love-hate attitude toward war and the relationship among military institutions, war, and society is essential in comprehending America’s past, its present, and, perhaps, its future” (Millet and Maslowski xiv). So why is it if we hate war so much, why are we wanting to, preparing for or getting into war? America’s loss of life during war has constantly caused the technology to increase from war to war. The United States for better or…show more content…
We have been a military state since the beginning of the country. Yet we still think of ourselves as peace loving country. Americans have hated war since the first one that we were in and the Vietnam War was a dark time in our history. This war was protested more than any other war our history and the protesters even treated returning veteran badly. When America is fighting evil and outright victory is in hand, we love war and can’t seem to get enough of it. American won World War I and II; carrying this high into the Korean War gave us great hope of winning it. When China entered into the war and our chances of winning the war decrease, so did our love of the war. One thing Americans have in common over war is they do not like seeing military members being killed in combat. So with that reason is why we increased our technology through medical advances and more efficient

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