Minorities In Prison Research Paper

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Jeni Legg Writing and Information II Research Paper Rough Draft 26.04.2015 Minorities in U.S Prisons Although United State of America is called one of the most democratic country in the world, but racism and discrimination is on the higher rate and people are suffering from wrong authority system, such as prisoners in U.S prison. There are a lot of minorities in U.S prisons and this causes marginalization of people because of ethnicity or races. Having different ethnicities as a minority or being a black or white are the main reasons why people are marginalizing in prisons. The main task of this paper is to define why minorities in U.S prisons are being marginalized and tormented, but not given the same respect as of the other members. Much…show more content…
To pacify this concern among prisoners and relieve them from humiliation of prison life, public and prison officials have been surveilled recently. For this reason, the issue of racism and civil society and human rights should be enlighten in order to understand the forces of conflicts and violence in prisons. In order to get to this point, a person should understand the importance of racism in the history of American legal system. Race based institution is the biggest crime in the U.S criminal justice system which is directly targeted African Americans much more aggressive than white Americans. It will be politically contentious in some issues that to say United State criminal justice system is racist, however, the facts are…show more content…
Black people are more often killed, black people are more often commit crimes, they are more often sentenced than White people just because of their color. For example just for one ordinary crime, if white man got sentenced for 3 year, black man would got 6 or 7 year. They are treated as an animal in prisons and forced them to work at the worse places. Those findings observe the ways how minority prisoners, such as African American women and men, Muslims mostly black people and other non-Christian offenders are treated and discriminated. Black people and black Muslims have been become a murder or thieve and a terrorist in their perspective. Arresting Muslims for a simple mistakes, behaviors toward black Muslims and also African American women and men in prisons are the examples and facts of discrimination and marginalization in U.S prison and U.S criminal justice system. As we see America is not so democratic country as we considered before because Americans does not respect other races. It does not matter if you are black or white first of all you have to respect and learn how to behave towards other races or religions. Before doing any action you have to think and ask a question to yourself: If this action happened to me, how would I feel after

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