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Since a few years back, Environmental issues have taken a space in all over the world because it becomes serious issues due to a number of factors identifying that pose a serious threat to all humanity. We all are responsible for this because our production and consumption pattern have depleted the all natural resources. So now everybody has shown concern for conservation of the environment. In the same time, Electronic waste and its management become burning issue all over the world. because growth in demand and consumption of electronic goods had led huge amount of waste and this waste become a new type of waste called electronic waste. So there is dire need to adopt sustainable practices so that we can handle a waste . Under this…show more content…
we all are availing every facility at our door steps. Every organization thought consumers are the king of the market and they are doing their best to satisfying consumers. They are providing every facility to consumers that will make their life so easy. Nowadays electronic gadgets occupy a space in every sphere of our life. Our life becomes digital life. We all have a digital or electronic gadgets. Everybody from child to old persons has access to the electronic device. We can not imagine our life without these electronic gadgets. These all happen due to the tremendous growth of technology in electronic industries and their competencies to make a product with new and innovative features. Within few days new products came in market and we are replacing our gadgets too frequently. But this tremendous growth and our quick consumption and discarding behavior generate a new type of the waste all over the world. This waste is known as Electronic waste. Electronic waste is popularly known as E-waste. E-waste is a term used to cover items of all types of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and its parts have been discarded by the owner as waste without the intention of re-use. These products can connect with the help of power plug and run on batteries which have become obsolete due to advancement in technology, change in fashion, style and status. So any products which are reached at the end of their useful life and…show more content…
The government has formulated the law on E-waste Management. This law is known as E-waste (Management and Handling) Rule, 2011 on Extended Producer Responsibility principle. The EPR is an environment protection strategy that makes producer responsible for the entire lifecycle of the product especially to take back, recycle and disposal of products. This rule makes environmentally sound management and disposal of electronic wastes mandatory. This is the first initiative in India that is meant for addressing issues related to E-waste. These rules are applied to producers, consumers, manufacturers, sellers, and purchasers. Under this rule, every stakeholder has a responsibility to control and to manage the e-waste. Public-private partnerships can also play very important role in the management of e-waste. As on 5th October 2010 eighteen companies were registered with the Ministry of Environment and Forest for Environmental sound recycling and reprocessing of e-waste eg M/s Ramky E-waste Recycling Facility Andhra Pradesh, M/s Ash Recyclers, Unit-II Banglore, M/s Jhagadia Copper Ltd Gujarat, M/s ECO Recycling Limited Maharashtra, M/s Earth Sense Recycle Pvt. Ltd etc. The legislation makes sure that the recycling of waste should be done by the manufacturers and the producers. For proper implementation of these rules, firms have to focus not only on forward supply chain but also on backward

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