Health And Social Care Communication Analysis

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Efficient communication in the health and social care sector plays a significant role in supporting patient or the service user. The way how the career or supporter are using communication in health and social care, can have a massive effect on the single individuals’ wellbeing and needs. This essay will consider how relevant theories and methods of communication are applied in health and social care. How various factors such as body language or production skills influence the communication process between service user and service provider. Also which roles are playing legislations and code of practice in communication with the patient / client. By working with vulnerable people in health and social care the service provider or career comes…show more content…
A polite and respectful body language suggested the patient / client is welcome. The sound of the voice should be in a clarity tone. A formal polite communication gives the client/patient the feeling that the service provider takes the needs from the individual serious. Joking with a person whom the provider doesn’t know can have a negative effect. Therefore be careful in unknown situations. By looking in the face from the client/patient the service provider can see the reaction, which is important as the reaction shows the career, if the patient/client is able to understand the information he gets. It is also very important to show good manners also if the client reacts aggressive or in a nasty way. An individual has to deal daily with interpersonal communication; which means sharing information, feelings and emotions between individuals from face to face, at the workplace or in private life. How can the supporter successful dealing with inappropriate interpersonal communication or behaviour in health and social care…show more content…
Compromising; means that everyone makes a step forward to the other person and finding a solution together. Accommodating is useful if there is a relationship which is more important than the issue. Competing means when to parties rival about the same point. Sometimes it is better not to give up, depend on the situation .Dodging can be useful when a conflict is not important and there is no time to deal with that issue. If it comes to barriers in communication there are other common strategies in health and social care. For people with special needs such as for example; hearing loss the communication strategy would be;” lip reading; ensure that the patient can see the face. Sign language, locate a sign interpreter if one is available but direct the questions to the patient. Finger spelling is necessary and hearing aids can be helpful “.According to (Lynne Wigens, Introduction to Psychology for Health Carers,

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