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Essay While in Bali, my family and I were in the car driving back to our villa and I decided I wanted to get a massage when we got back, so I contacted the masseuse to book one in. However, because of other conversations happening in the car at the same time, it made it extremely difficult for the receiver, which was the masseuse, to hear the accurate message that I was transmitting. Though I asked the woman if I could book a masseuse to come to the villa, she thought I asked to book in at the spa. Because of the noise in the background, the communication flow was affected. This made the masseuse wait for me at the spa, when I thought I was waiting for her at the villa. Eventually, the villa staff contacted her and got the situation sorted.…show more content…
It is important to be aware of your own cultural beliefs, values and traditions as you communicate, because this influence’s the quality of listening. I am aware that I need to be cautious of the language I use in the clinical environment, as I can see how this would have an impact on my communication as a student midwife. Furthermore, I am aware that use of good body language is crucial, as it says a lot about how engaged you are in a conversation. Body posture, eye contact, facial expression and touch are all very important characteristics of communication. I believe it is important to hold good body language and make eye contact to the person speaking to you otherwise they may believe you are not interested in what they have to say. I will use all of these aspects while being a student midwife, as it will improve my body language skills that will have a positive impact on how well I can connect with someone. This will then help them to feel validated, trusted and comfortable with me. In addition, I suffer from anxiety. Anxiety has a very bad impact on a segment in the brain that manages communication skills as well as creativity. This makes it difficult to be able to concentrate, as well as effective communication being decreased due to irritability. I have found techniques since being at Wintec that benefit, including yoga, deep breathing, exercising and taking magnesium, therefore I will be continuing to carry on with this

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