Koutons Case Study

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The project to study the reason why Koutons the apparel brand faded away with time and measure the brand equity. Revitalizing the brand was also a part of the project. The project was carried to apply the concepts learned in marketing research, marketing management and brand management. The research was a mixture of both qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative research i.e. focused group discussions was used to identify the variables which led to the downfall of the brand. Then this variables were scaled up and a quantitative research was conducted by collecting responses from the users of the brand as to what are their outlook towards the variable. The report explains why the brand was selected, the apparel industry characteristic,…show more content…
FACTOR ANALYSIS Factor analysis was performed to find factors which led to the decline of the Koutons. Based on the findings from the focused group discussion variables were identified and were scaled on a Likert scale of 1 to 5 from strongly agree to strongly disagree. The respondents (in this survey the users/ex-users of Koutons) were asked to rate the 17 variables which came up from the FGD and after conducting the factor analysis five factors were identified due to which Koutons as a brand declined with 63.892% of the total variation in the data set explained by these factors. 1. Fashionability 2. Fair Pricing 3. Store…show more content…
They are a mix of students or employed people consisting of both the gender with frequency of apparel purchase of once a month. They are also relatively brand and fashion conscious. So when we look at the factors which led to failure of the brand and the clusters we can see that the brand failed as Koutons did not have fair pricing and also its perceived quality is less, users are brand and fashion conscious. 6. POSITIONING ANALYSIS The positioning statement of Koutons was “High Fashion Value for Money brand”. Koutons was positioned catering to a segment of age group 18 – 60 years offering complete range of wardrobe for every occasion. The positioning was done to provide customers apparels at a reasonable price. The company was not clear in its positioning as they went for a push strategy by offering discounts throughout the years. They lacked unique differentiating

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