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Michael Jordan: The American Dream Changing the American Dream through basketball? Some might say it’s impossible. Michael Jordan was not one of those people. Jordan new from an early age he wanted to be something great and remembered. His art was basketball. Michael Jordan exemplified the American Dream, as he won numerous MVP’s and championships as he became known as the greatest basketball player of all time. Jordan was born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York. He was one of James and Deloris’ five children. Michael and his family moved to North Carolina when he was young. He tried out for his high school team his sophomore year, he didn’t make it. He continued working and made the team his junior season. Michael had two standout…show more content…
His mom made him promise he would one day go back and receive his degree. Jordan was drafted by the Chicago Bulls as the third pick in the 1984 draft. When he was drafted they were a losing team, but his skills and talents quickly changed transformed the organization into a winning program. “He led the team to the playoffs and averaged 28.2 points per game” (Bob Greene 1). He also received the NBA Rookie of the Year honor. In 1985 Michael kept his promise to his mother and earned his business degree in geography and continued to play…show more content…
He soon realized baseball was not his thing and returned to play basketball for the Bulls. He was rusty and because of this the Bulls lost in the playoffs against the Orlando Magic. “The following season Michael came back with a sense of determination and led his team back to the top with a 72-10 record, which is still the most wins in NBA history to this day”(Jim Naughton 2). In the fifth game of the 1996 NBA Finals Jordan played with the flue and still managed to lead his team to victory and score 38 points. This was the point in his career in which people started mentioning him as one of the greatest of all

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