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Valentina Tabares Mrs. Boland English I September 24, 2015 The One and Only MJ Even if you are not an active basketball fan, or not much of a sport fan whatsoever, chances are that you may have heard something about Michael Jordan. Yes, Michael Jordan, the man from the shoes! Michael Jordan is one incredible athlete who has done many things with his career, not only on the court but in many different ways.Michael Jordan's talent is certainly respectable, but he has attained most of his respect through his hard work ethic and his passion for the game. Michael Jordan did not just become one of the best basketball players overnight, his hard work ethic got him there. Making a varsity team during your freshman or sophomore year is definitely…show more content…
Laney High School in Wilmington, North Carolina sure did not want the 1979, 5'10'' Jordan, later to become future NBA All­Star, to be apart of their varsity basketball team (Michael Jordan Returns to the NBA for the “Love of the Game”). Cut from varsity, Jordan was then sent to play in Laney's junior varsity team. He once said,“When you love the challenge, you feel the hunger for the game, the love for the game, the attitude of coming in and working harder in practice,” he felt that hunger when he was cut (Michael Jordan). With that in mind, he was determined and eventually lead his team to a myriad amount of wins (Michael Jordan Returns to the NBA for the “Love of the Game”). Being cut from the varsity team because of his height, Jordan worked to prove that he was more than just his height. He trained and stepped up as a leader to lead his team to numerous victories. His hard work that he put towards improving is certainly what got him to being one of the best NBA players of all time. As MJ once said, “My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you…show more content…
Liking a sport is different than loving it. It can mark the difference of how you compete and how even how you practice. Michael Jordan had the love that is needed to be successful in the basketball world. “What is love? Love is playing every game as if it's your last,” without a love or a passion for what you do, you are doing it because you have to, not because you want to (Michael Jordan Quotes). Life can get boring when you don't do what you love. When you don't do something that you love, you don't always do the best because you don't push yourself to improve. Michael Jordan, however, did have a strong love for the game. When Jordan retired for the second time, he came back. He "felt like he had left something on the floor", he just was not ready to quit the game he so strongly loved (Michael Jordan Returns to the NBA for the “Love of the Game”). His passion pulled him out of retirement and dragged him back to the game. His love for basketball was so strong that it overruled his decision to retire in the first place. Jordan is one of the most passionate athletes out there and that is why he has earned so much

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