Hidden Messages In Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'The Scarlet Letter'

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The Scarlet Letter has a lot of hidden messages throughout the book. The letter A can mean a lot. For Hester the Letter A can mean ashamed and accepted. For Dimmesdale the letter A could mean abash and abysmal. Roger Letter A could stand for admirable and addicted. Pearl’s letter A can mean adolescence and accountable. The meaning of the scarlet letter changes to different people, throughout the book. As the main character Hester undergoes many changes. Her scarlet letter went through a change. When the story first started the scarlet letter mean ashamed. At the beginning Hester is being trialed and getting sent to jail. Hester was sent to jail because she committed a crime that ashamed the puritan culture. She committed Adultery. Her whole town was upset with her and ashamed, she felt the same way. In the literal sense they put the letter A on her to stand for Adultery. They also wanted to show a not so hidden message. They wanted to make an example out of Hester. The town officials also wanted…show more content…
Her letter symbolized adolescence and accountability. Pearl is a child and she was blamed and punished for her parents action. In the beginning of Pearl’s life she was confused. People would throw mud and torment her mother and her. When she was out with her mom and she got mud flung at her. She also had to watch her mother go to jail. She did not know why people would constantly stare at her mother and her. Pearl was left in the dark about everything. Pearl was vulnerable. She wanted to know who her dad was, she wanted to know what the scarlet letter was. She had all these questions and no one answered them. Pearl was accountable for the actions that Hester, Dimmesdale, and Roger mad. This strips some of her innocence. Certain people saw Pearl in a different light. To society she was a mistake but to Hester she was a blessing that came out of a bad situation. Like her mom, throughout the book they started to see her innocence and

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