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Michael Jordan: From Average to Iconic, Becoming a Sports Legend “Unless they change the height of the basket or otherwise alter the dimensions of the game, there will be a player much greater than me.” (“Jordan”). Michael Jordan said this in his autobiography, For the Love of the Game: My Story. Being influenced by Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, who were the best at their time, Michael Jordan knows that eventually somebody will be better than him. He had to work hard to get to where he did and because of his hard work, has influenced people all over the world. Even though Michael Jordan was an average athlete as a child, with hard work and determination, he achieved much on the basketball court, making him one of the most influential…show more content…
He declared for the draft in the year of 1984, after winning the Naismith player of the year award. He was drafted by the Bulls 3rd overall and was given the number 23 (“Steve G”). He was a hard worker and said, “My attitude going into training camp as a rookie was to impress” (“Jordan, Michael”). He did so averaging 28.8 points per game as a rookie (“Steve G”). During the 1985-86 season, Jordan was plagued with injuries (“Jordan, Michael”). He got indorsed by Nike. He also married Juanita Vanoy and had three kids with her. In 1993 Michael Jordan’s dad died and he decided to retire from professional basketball. He wanted to play baseball, and did so in the White Sox farm league. He didn’t do so well in baseball and came back to basketball in 1995 (“Steve G”). When he came back, he changed his number to 45 for a little bit eventually changing back to the number 23 (“Jordan, Michael”). When he came back he was asked to star in Space Jam. He was reluctant if there was no where to practice. So the people who made the movie decided to make him his own basketball court (“Jordan, Michael”). The year after he made the movie he averaged 30.4 points per game. He announced retirement in 1999 and became part owner of the Washington Wizards. He decided to play again in 2001 for the Wizards. He finally retired in 2003 (“Michael Jordan

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