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Nobody knows what is going to happen in the future and the kind of obstacles they are going to face. But everyone sooner or later have to face a challenge or are tested in someway. For some it might easier than the other. The way that person decides to deal with that problem and the way they face it, determines their character. As we read over the summer, Louis Zamperini also went through a lot and was tested countless times. A few of many times that he was tested were when he was bullied as a child, when he was training for the olympic race, when he was lost at sea and when he was bullied and tortured by the Bird. He went through hell in the Japanese prison camps. He was forced to do things he didn’t want, and when refused he was beaten to the point till he passed out. Elie Wiesel, Roman R. Kent and numerous others were also tested similarly on their ability to remain strong and…show more content…
As Valentine mentions in her work that when he was rescued he was given the choice to pursue a religious or a non-religious course. Because his faith in god, he chose religious (pg.408). “He entered a French University in 1948” (Elie Wiesel). When he completed his studies he started working as a journalist for a newspaper (pg.407 Valentine, Rebecca). Rebecca VAlentine also says that because of this job he had to travel around the world a lot (pg.408). He soon came to America. Even after coming to the US his difficulties did not end. “Soon after he arrived there, he was struck by a taxi and dragged for almost a block, one hospital even refused to admit him because he had refugee papers” (Elie Wiesel). People still treated him differently, but he was soon admitted to a hospital. He took almost a year to get better. As it’s mentioned in the article “Wiesel, Elie(zer) (1928)” after his recovery he became a professor of Humanity at Boston University. He was finally being treated

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