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How many basketball players do you know? Most people can only name some of the most popular ones. Of the most popular players, Michael Jordan is one of the best and most famous. My passion for basketball just recently began, specifically half a year ago. My passion for basketball and the little knowledge of Michael Jordan are the reasons I chose him as the topic of my essay. Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 in the Brooklyn area of New York City. Jordan attended high school in Wilmington, North Carolina and then went on to attend the University of North Carolina. Jordan didn’t originally have an interest in basketball, he had a passion for baseball instead. Jordan grew to be impressively skilled at baseball until the age of 12, when he started to lose focus and a passion for basketball instead. Due to this, he decided to quit baseball. Once Jordan entered high school, he tried out for the basketball team and got cut off. However, even though he was cut off, instead of becoming depressed and quitting the sport, he instead practiced by himself and greatly improved his basketball skill.…show more content…
Jordan had also played 15 seasons in NBA for Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. Michael had retired many times, the first time being in 1993 to play baseball. Although Jordan had quit, everyone still had their hopes up for his return. Jordan returned in 1995 and lost his first game. Many people were starting to think that Jordan wouldn’t play with the same skill as before, but were proven wrong soon after. Jordan was determined and continued to try his best after returning. Jordan decided to retire again in 1999 because he had solidified his position as one of basketball’s greatest players by helping the Chicago Bulls pull off a three-peat. Once again, Jordan didn’t retire for too long and made a comeback in 2001. Jordan had decided to team with the Washington Wizards this

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