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Anyone who has any interest in the sports world has heard of the name Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan has proven to the world time and time again that he is one of the best to ever play the game. Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever to play in the NBA. Michael was born of February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York Michael is the son of Deloris Jordan and James Jordan, Sr. (“Michael Jordan Biography”). When Michael was still a young boy his family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina (“Michael Jordan Biography”). His Father worked for General Electric plant supervisor and his mother worked at a bank (“Michael Jordan Biography”). Michael learned many skills from his mother and father like sewing and hard work (“Michael Jordan Biography”).…show more content…
He also helped lead the Tar Heels to the NCAA championship Game were he hit the game winning jump shot as time expired (“Michael Jordan Biography”). The Tar heels won the championship by the score of 63-62 (“Michael Jordan Biography”). Michael left the Tar heels after his junior year he was drafted third over all by the Chicago Bulls (NBA). After being drafted third overall by the Chicago bulls Michael had an incredible rookie year (NBA). In 1984 Jordan received rookie of the year averaging 29.3 pointer per game (NBA). In 1984 Michael lead the Chicago Bulls to its first playoff berth since 1981 (NBA). Scoring forty-nine points against the Detroit pistons his rookie year he set the record for most points scored in a game by a rookie (NBA). Jordan second year of professional basketball didn’t begin as well as his first. Michael suffered from a broken foot three games into the season (NBA). Jordan was only able to play 18 regular season games (NBA). In game two of the Eastern conference playoffs Michael has one of the best playoff performances ever seen in the NBA (NBA). Facing and extremely good Celtics team that contained five hall of famers Jordan shot twenty-two of forty-one and had sixty thee points and he also made nineteen of twenty free-throws

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