Was World War 1 Inevitable

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History- Mini Essay World War I was one of the most destructive and world-changing wars in history. It caused empires to fall, it changed colonies into countries, created seven new nations, took hundreds of millions of lives, it cost billions of dollars, and also caused the Cold War and World War II. Nationalism, Militarism and the Arms Race, Imperialism and the Alliances caused the first international war to be inevitable. One major reason that made The Great War inevitable was because of a country’s nationalism and pride. Each nation thought of their nation as the best; and thought their government, culture and way of life were superior to all others. The strong pride within the countries created a problem when it meant that the countries…show more content…
Imperialism was the ruling over smaller colonies to strengthen a nation’s empire. Having more colonies under a country’s control meant that that country was more superior, and was also a sign of great power and pride. Colonies would give the countries raw goods that the countries would produce into manufactured goods raising their economy. European superpower nations defended and protected their colonies and were willing to go to war to keep them. Vladimir Lenin, Russian communist revolutionary said “If it were necessary to give the briefest possible definition of imperialism, we should have to say that imperialism is the monopoly stage of capitalism… They are fighting a war for the purpose of retaining the colonies they have grabbed and robbed.” This quote shows how the war is being fought because of imperialism and acquiring colonies. Imperialism leading to the Great War was seen when Germany figured that in order to be seen as a great power and create an Empire, it needed to obtain colonies. Since Germany was late in acquiring colonies, the only good ones left were the ones in Africa. Both France and Britain already had colonies in Africa and Asia, which became a problem for the Germans. Germany wanted to take these colonies by force and both Britain and France were willing to fight Germany to keep them. This shows that Germany and Britain were not backing down on this matter; creating a conflict almost impossible to avoid. which increased tensions, and created a conflict impossible to
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