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Dylan Aresu October, 14, 2014 Speech 8 Cooper House Advocacy Speech INTRO: Just imagine, you’re an NCAA athlete and you have a chance at playing a professional sport. (Pause Here) NCAA athletes are living the life because they get the chance to play sports, miss classes, and not do homework. WRONG! You guys are probably wondering why you are wrong. Well once these athletes get back to school they have to make up all of the work they missed. They also need to maintain a 1.8 GPA. It might not seem too hard but with 5 hours of practice every day its no walk in the park. Also it might seem fun with your teammates on the bus or on a plane, but sometimes players need to make up work during that time so it isn’t always fun and games. For doctors trying to get a medical degree it is not held against them if they are a good athlete so why should it matter for athletes if they are great students. People might say ”well, NCAA athletes are not guaranteed to play a professional sport” what I say to that is “students that are trying to get a PHD or doctors agree aren’t guaranteed to be successful doctors.” BODY:…show more content…
Maybe they aren’t the best student or they have trouble in school, they shouldn’t not be allowed to play because of their grades. i think that the NCAA board of sports committee should lower the GPA to 1.5 or 1.4. If I were an NCAA Division I basketball player I wouldn’t want to worry as much about work so I could focus on working hard and getting better. I personally don’t understand why Division I athletes that have a large potential to be drafted have to do school work. if you are going to be making a lot of money playing basketball or other sports then you don’t need to spending as much time on work. You need to be spending more time practicing said

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