Examples Of Cannibalism In A Modest Proposal

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In “A Modest Proposal”, Swift uses the English and Irish landowners as killers of the poor people because they are causing poverty; the babies should be eaten by the landowners and new laws should be made to see that cannibalism alternative to other things. Swift’s proposal was very satirical, and he used rationalism to make points on a few things in the Irish society. Swift explains the inequality socially and politically in Ireland and English people. He also is not serious about cannibalism; instead, he is actually trying to catch everyone’s attention on how desperate the state of the lower class is in Ireland. Swift felt as if the landowners take away so much money and crops from the poor people. Once the landowners are paid, the poor people do not have much left of their own. As a solution to this problem, Swift suggested that the poor Irish people should make their children fat and sell the children to wealthy English landowners. The objectives that Swift makes about the landowners were to bash them, and show the people they do not have sympathy for them. The poor people always seem to be begging the wealthy people. Landowners expect people with big families to pay them so much money that they cannot survive after their bills are paid. Landowners in most cases are very greedy humans.…show more content…
The name of the poem is “Satyr Against Reason and Mankind,” by Rochester. In “Satyr Against Reason and Mankind,” Rochester also believed that man is gluttonous. Man will destroy one another human instead of helping each other just for money or material possessions. Figuratively, Rochester compares man to a beast. He emphasize on how humans are lower than a beast because of their capability to tear down and manipulate one another. In “Satyr Against Reason and Mankind,” Rochester

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