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MS DHONI A CASE STUDY BASED ON LEADERSHIP THEORIES SUBMITTED BY S.V.R KIRITI B12115 ABSTRACT: We are a cricket crazy nation. We live cricket. We experience happiness by it, sometimes we are devasted by it. One thing is certain though we are greatly influenced by it. Hence this term paper focuses on one of the most high pressure jobs in the world- “The captain of Indian cricket team- MS Dhoni”. INTRODUCTION: Mahendra Singh Dhoni is an Indian cricketer and captain of Indian ODI and T20 teams. He is a right handed wicket keeper batsman. He was born on 7th July. 1981 in Ranchi, Jharkand. He made his international debut for Indian cricket team in December, 2004. He subsequently became captain of the ODI and T20 teams…show more content…
Although team meetings to discuss tactics can be considered to be highly participative as all players are apparently given a chance to speak. ANALYSIS ACCORDING TO CONTINGENCY THEORY: Fiedler Model: Leader member relations: It can be understood that the players have high confidence and trust in MS Dhoni as he himself is a world class keeper-batsman and handed debuts and extended run of selection for most players in the current team. Task structure: Task structure is relatively well defined in terms of the roles the players are expected to play i.e batsman, bowler, all rounder. Position power: As the captain, MS Dhoni has an important say in who plays and who doesn't. Thus he has a high position power. Thus based on the above model he is a favourable leader. Situational Leadership Theory: 2007-2011: Players willing to follow and mostly able to follow. So as a leader MS Dhoni did well by not forcing the issue so to speak and subtly led the team. 2011-present: Players willing to follow but sometimes not able to ( due to inexperience etc.) thus resulting in a more hands on…show more content…
Inspirational motivation: Players follow and respect Dhoni because of his achievements and also because of his motivation to see the team do well. Idealized influence: MS Dhoni is known to be quite a simple guy who wants to serve the country in one form or other as stated by his desire to serve the Indian army after retiring from cricket. CONCLUSION: Based on all the theories employed here it can be understood that Dhoni has always in theory and also in practice been the ideal leader for the team for all these years. Also important is his adaptability with which he has led the the team through the transition phase and varied his approach and evolved as he moved forward. He is a leader who's in the background when winning and at the front when losing. REFERENCES:

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