Medical Professionalism In Medicine

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Introduction There are many profession in the world. The people who works in a profession is usually known as a professionals.1 As for a profession in medicine is obtained through specific agreements and requirements.1 To be a professional, it requires examinations, qualification, and often requires a licence and in some profession, they developed skills from years of practice. 1 As a professional person, they are sought by people for advice in the problem that needed a professional expertise. 1 With this statement, a professional needed professionalism with moral responsibility to direct or giving advice to the person who ask their assistance. 1 As a doctor or physicians, we have professionalism that is based on the Hippocratic Oath.1 Professionalism…show more content…
First we should understand what communication is. Communication according to Encarta Dictionary is defined as “1. Exchange of information, between individuals, for example, by means of speaking, writing, or using a common system of signs and behaviors; 2. Message, a spoken or written message; 3. Act of communicating; 4. Rapport, a sense of mutual understanding and sympathy; 5. Access, a means of access or communication, for example, a connecting door”.2 From this definitions, we could conclude that communication is an exchange of information or massage, that could be a spoken or a written massage, with an act of communication and rapport or a sense of mutual understanding between the two…show more content…
This would cause many different strategies to deal with an angry patient. The communication for an angry patient itself has a definition as an exchange of information or massages to a patient that is having a negative emotional state and antagonistic thought, and in the end there should be an understanding between these two individual, that is the patient and the physicians. Although the way of dealing these kind of patients are different according to the patient situation, there are somethings that a doctor should remember. That is to acknowledge the patients anger and show their openness to the patient. It is also important that the doctors or physicians know the characteristics of an angry patient, so they could communicate properly and carefully. Because if they act brashly, they could anger the patient more and made some complications that would not only endanger the patient but also the health care

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