The Importance Of Slavery In The South

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In the South slavery was a main thing, it was a struggle to take control in America. Slavery was the main stronghold and motive behind many political actions. Which is why slavery being dominate in political and economic which made it a big thing from 1840 to 1860. Which is why he way life in the South for the slaves involved resistance and survival. Slaves have been around for a long time. From slave farmers from the South. To the North where men believed that women shouldn't be allowed to work. Even though slavery was terrible some slaves managed to escape their terrible life and did it with success. While unfortunately some slaves didn’t escape well like others and had to suffer the consequences from their masters. Slave families had to deal with the fear of being separated. The only way that would happen is if the husband or wife would be sold to a different owner, or a slaveholder’s death could lead to the breakup of an enslaved family. If a father or mother were sold away, an aunt, uncle, or close friend would raise the children left behind. Which is why extended families becoming vital features of African American culture. Enslaved slaves…show more content…
Slave labor lasted until the end of the American Civil War. Cotton was dependent on slavery and slavery was dependent on cotton. In the 1830s and 1840s cotton was called" Cotton King" because cotton was a big thing in the American economy. Which is why the plantation economy of the slavery states in the Deep South led to the creation of “The Second Middle Passage.” Which is why cotton being now the most important fiber producing plant. That's why cotton plays a role in the feed and oil industries with its seed. That's why if I lived in the 1800s I would build a factory with many machines, like a sewing machine and spinning jenny etc. And I would let the people work for me instead of forcing them to work
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