Suffering In Richards's Nights Below Station Street

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Every human on Earth has experienced pain, struggle and suffering one day in their lives. In order for human to succeed, suffering to get there is always a part of the process. Suffering is inevitable. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, one day, it will come around the corner and you have to face it. Every person has been disappointed or let down, which can lead them to suffer. Life isn’t perfect. Obstacles are everywhere measuring how a person can handle it. Your age, race, religion and gender, all do not matter when it comes to suffering. It is a universal truth that relates and applies to every single individual. David Adams Richards novel employs a highly unusual narrative style that strikes the readers. His novel is more like a film where the reader has the chance…show more content…
Singular words and expressions are the building blocks of fiction. Good writers are constantly caring about their choice of words because they shape the readers reactions. In addition, describing daily details can also enhance the reader's understanding of the story. David Richards uses general and simple words and language in his novel, Nights Below Station Street in order to give the readers a better understanding of the novel and the characters. Richards uses a smart technique to convey the suffering as a universal truth. For instance, his novel mostly contains the daily life of the characters and the issues they face every day. His purpose is to make the readers relate to the characters and issues so they can get a deeper understanding of the story. Richards does a great job by showing some characters and how they suffer everyday to achieve what they want. For this reason, the readers might find this an easy and very helpful way that aids in the development of the characters through their daily actions and speeches. An article said: “description of even the smallest tasks can be illuminating to most

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