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SYNOPSIS The movie starts with Hunter "Patch" Adams who has suicidal tendency commits himself into a mental hospital. During the time he stays in the mental hospital, he realized that doctor does not care about the patients at all. He gets recovery through contact with the patients in the mental hospital but not through the doctor. Through the contact with other patients, Patch Adams finds out his desire to help people by changing the conventional way of treating patients and hence he decides to become a doctor. Two years later, Patch Adams enrolls at Medical College of Virginia as the oldest first year student. He believes that the best way to cure a patient is through laughter, understanding and personal connection. However, this principle…show more content…
He files a grumble with the state medical board at the advice of his former medical schoolmate, Mitch Roman. Patch finally manages to convince the board that he did his best to help people who needs him and as a doctor, it is always his responsibility to treat the body and spirit too. Ultimately the board accepts Patch’s methods and decides to allow him to graduate. At the graduation, he receives a standing ovation from the packed hearing room. After handling Patch his diploma, Walcott approves his apparent conformity after Patch bows to the professors and the audience, unveiling a nude bottom under his…show more content…
When watching the movie, our emotions were being manipulated. This movie talks about doctors and patients, the medical education, the medical care system and the view on life and death that inspire us to have a deep thought on these issues. However, we think that some issues that have been conveying in this movie are not relevant to reality. Patch Adams always brings happiness and surprises into the boring routines of patients. For an example, he fulfilled one of the patient’s dream by preparing a “pool” of noodles. In real life situation, it is impossible for us to meet a doctor that will act like Patch

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