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Have you ever wondered what the best way to deal with conflict is? We see or deal with conflict in our everyday lives. This can vary from wars or even drama in our daily lives. How should we respond to this? There are many different types of conflict, varying from man vs. self to man vs. society. It is clearly portrayed in “Hitler Youth” and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Based on the texts one of the best ways to respond to conflict is through having a positive attitude. This allows people to persevere and have courage. Having a positive attitude is the best way to respond to conflict. It is evident in paragraph 3 on page 36 from “Hitler Youth”. In the article, it states “During high school, Sophie began to grow away from the…show more content…
The evidence is visible in the article, “Hitler Youth” in paragraph 16, on page 38. It is mentioned in the article, “ Some teachers quit rather than join the Nazis. Those who refused to quit were dealt with harshly. The Scholl children were upset when the Nazis arrested a young teacher and forced him to stand as Storm Troopers marched past and spat in his face. Afterward, the teacher was taken to a concentration camp.” (Bartoletti 38) He persevered through the horrible treatment, although what he experienced was not acceptable, what he did was remarkable. It was noble of him to stick with his opinion and persevere through the harsh treatment. Although some people might not know his name and his name might fade over years, what he did would always be remembered. It is also clearly stated in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, in paragraph 30, on page 24. Quoted from paragraph 30 “ ‘I can’t,’ said Shmuel, shaking his head and looking as if he was going to cry. ‘He’ll come back, I know he will,’ he continued, his sentences were running quickly together. ‘I should have eaten them when you offered them, now it’s too late, if I take them he’ll come in and-. ” (Boyne 24) He was really persistent and persevered through his hunger, he didn’t take the food Bruno offered at first. Afterwards, he gave in to his hunger and ate the food. This resulted in him getting caught and…show more content…
Having courage cause problems and lead to trouble, but it takes a huge role in responding to conflict. Courage is one of the main factors in having a positive attitude, which is, in my opinion, the best way to respond to conflict. This is apparent in “Hitler Youth” in paragraph 3 on page 36. The article mentions, “During high school, Sophie began to grow away from the National Socialist ideas about race, religion, and duty. She was beginning to form her own political views which she often wrote about in her diary and letters.” (Bartoletti 36) She is starting to realize that what she has believed in has been nothing but a lie. She then starts isolating herself from everyone because of the difference between her friends and herself. This is clearly stated in paragraph 4 on page 36. She then gathered enough courage, in a form of way, to rebel. She stopped answering questions in class even though she knew the “right” answer by heart. When she was threatened, she never lost her courage, she was just taking a step back. After she graduated, she was able to express her true feelings, regardless of the consequences. She did many remarkable and noble acts. Even when she was about to die, she never lost her courage, she will always be remembered. In The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, it may seem like there wasn’t any evident act of courage, but there was. It is

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