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Bio-psycho-social model The bio-psycho-social model is a concept first put forward by George Endel? The bio-psycho-social model is a way of diagnosing a patient while taking into account the biological, psychological and social reasons for the manifestation of an illness. “The bio-psycho-social model enables the physician to extend application of the scientific method to aspects of everyday practice and patient care previously not deemed accessible to a scientific approach”. The bio-psycho-social model can be used to diagnosis illness rather than disease as it outlines how the patient feels eg depression For example, alcoholism is a bio-psycho-social illness Alcohol addiction presents biologically through liver failure, brain damage, heart…show more content…
These factors are vital in understanding a patients thought process after receiving a life altering diagnosis. These factors include any previous family history of the illness, prior knowledge and conceptions of the illness, the patients religion and spirituality, the support available for a patient in terms of family and friends, the socioeconomic status of a patient and how the diagnosis may put monetary strain on them, the patients mindset and attitude. By understanding the patients personal life and background, the physician can more effectively show compassion towards the patient when delivering the bad news. Doctors can tailor their approach to each patients personal situation. They can better assist the person through their processing of the bad news as they will better understand the worries of the patient that need to be…show more content…
Larrie Martin, we discussed the doctor painting by Luke Fildes and what it can teach us about the way doctors still feel and behave in the 21st century. The painting depicts a physician holding vigil at the bedside of a sick child while the childs parents observe in the peripherals of the painting. At the time of this painting, much of the doctors diagnosis was based on what the patient told them with a very limited physical examination taking place. However, in todays world, scans and blood tests have become all too common and have started to replace the actual physical examination of the patient and especially the taking of a comprehensive patient history.The dedication shown by this 19th century GP conveyed to me the most important aspect at the core of being a doctor: their desire to help others. Very little medicine was available to the doctor depicted by Luke Fildes, in fact he was almost as helpless as the parents yet he remained by the patients bedside to provide comfort. I feel that this behaviour is no longer practiced by physicians as there is no continuity of care which I feel is a major loss as this would greatly enhance a doctors ability to show compassion to their

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