The Importance Of Reverse Logistics

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I. Introduction Logistics is the process of managing the movement and storage of goods and related information from the source to the final consumer and also reverse logistics involved in providing effective and efficient manner (Green Logistic, 2015). Nowadays, all people are aware about the environmental issues that caused by logistics activities, that’s way the firm should pay attention to find the solution due to the logistics activities is regarded as a business that consume high of energy and create waste and pollution. Therefore, it is time to firm using green logistics to achieve the sustainable goals, in this essay will be explain more deep about 3 logistics activities that influence the environment such as Just-In-Time, Reverse logistics…show more content…
Reverse logistics is good for the environment due to the activities such as reuse, remanufacturing, and recycled disposed with a view to minimizing waste (Carter and Ellram, 1998). Reuse and recycling of materials is minimizing the use of materials. The production process is optimized to reduce hazardous waste, and redesigning products to be more environmentally friendly. Furthermore remanufacturing serves as the exchange of one-get-one, the product runs out of its useful life returned to get the remanufacturing products - thereby reducing waste and minimizing the need for raw materials to produce new products. Cat Reman as a leader of remanufacturing technologies, return the end-of-life products to the same product as a new conditions this make company reduce the operating costs by give the customer same-as-new product with the same quality by using the half price compared with new product. Because of those activities CAT reduces waste, greenhouse gas emission and minimize the requirement for raw materials (Caterpillar, 2015). Thus all activities will encourage reverse logistics to achieve the sustainable goals. But the drawbacks of reverse logistics is the costs involved in logistics activities such as processing the goods return as much as $100 billion. If compared with forward logistics, reverse logistics 3 to 4 times more expensive. The next…show more content…
Secondly is consider about using new technology by designing the green packaging, in this process will help the designer more understand about the environmental impact that characterized in particular packaging options that will be selected, so the designer will choose the materials that good for environment by using COMPASS (Competitive Packaging Assessment) software design via online. Thirdly is obtaining the greener packaging materials especially for plastics. Firm must consider about the plastics that would be used, whether is good for environment or not, for example Polyvinyl chloride this type of plastic has a hard material resistant to chemicals, which means difficult to recycle, moreover roots

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