The Importance Of Popular Culture

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The world has changed with the passing of time, but it did not necessarily become better on all levels. Popular culture has declined over the past few years because it has been heavily influenced by mass media and politics, which lately had spoiled. Still, in his article - “Everything bad is good for you” – Steven Johnson argues that today’s popular culture makes us smarter, bringing up the importance of mass media and games in the development of people. He points out that people are not shown the “righteous path”, but one that makes them clever. The thoughts about this subject are divided, everyone bringing arguments for their beliefs. The following paragraphs are meant to express and prove that not everything that comes up with the popular…show more content…
People have access to means of communication, all kind of information and news. They can connect to people all around the world, distance not being a problem anymore. People may develop their knowledge, finding out interesting things about other countries. Educational programs for children can help them learn new things as well. There are some shows in which the debates can bring interest to all people. Gaming is somehow credited to helping develop people’s skills, make them sociable (with the other gamers) and help them orientate better. “Control over the mass media offers several important possibilities. First, the media can attract and direct attention to problems, solutions or people in ways which can favor those with power and correlatively divert attention from rival individuals or groups. Second, the mass media can confer status and confirm legitimacy. Third, in some circumstances, the media can be a channel for persuasion and mobilization.” (The Influence and Effects of Mass Media, Denis McQuail) “With a simple flip of the television channel or radio station, or a turn of the newspaper or magazine page, we have at our disposal an enormous array of possible identity models.” (Grodin & Lindlof,

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